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The ten most common questions during personal interviews

During a personal interview, one of us may face the most fateful seconds in his life, especially if it is an interview for a job or a request to join. This article will help you to build an idea of the most important main questions that may meet you during the interview and how you can overcome them. Of course, your interview may or may not contain these questions, but employers often measure your competence through these questions, even if they formulate them in one way or another.

1- Tell us more about yourself
You have to be well aware that those who interview you already have your CV papers in their hands, so there is no need to repeat the main details about yourself such as your name, age, gender, the name of your school or university..etc. This is a regular question that is repeated frequently, although Although it seems like an easy question, you have to pay close attention. Your answer does not have to be very long, it is definitely different from your answer to the essay question about “yourself” in elementary school. You only have a few seconds to introduce yourself to strangers, and even Impress them with your answer, so it should be short and graceful and paint you in the best way. Avoid repeating yourself and just mention the facts that you would like your employer to know about. In conclusion, try to present your personal card in your answer.

2- Why do you want this job?
This is your perfect opportunity to show them that you have the skill set they are looking for. You have to let them know that your knowledge and experience will benefit the company if the job is for you, and how your experiences validate your words. You should also tell them about your understanding of the nature of the job and its requirements. By doing this they will get a message that you have done your homework of good research and show them that you are really interested in this job. Never take the emotional route and tell them how much you need this job.

3- Why should we hire you specifically?
This question is similar in one way or another to the previous question, except that you will not only be required to talk about your skill set that matches the requirements of the job because they also expect you to display your self-confidence and your abilities. You can also have your answer highlight your personal capabilities and explain why you are the one A better option than Baqsa applicants for this job. Tell them about your previous achievements in this field and remind them of your interest in the company and the job.

4- Why did you leave your previous job?
This question needs a very careful answer. It is better not to criticize your manager or your previous company, as this may leave them with a hostile impression of you. Simply put, you will instill in them the conviction that you are a sharp-tongued person. You can tell them that you want to look for a better opportunity, and that is why you left Your previous job so that you are given the same sufficient time to search for a new job without causing suffering to your former boss during this search. You can also be honest and tell them that your contract has been terminated due to the company’s re-establishment or rebuilding of its administrative hierarchy.

5- What are your criteria for evaluating success?
If your answer contains any numbers, you will be excluded immediately, as it is said that the higher the value of the salary you ask for, the greater the degree of disapproval of those who conduct the interview with you. This is because your response did not show them your passion for the job. On the contrary, it showed you as a greedy person who only cares about money, even if that is through his betrayal of his company. Your definition of success must fit according to the company’s definition of it, and it should not appear as a person with a personal interest or hostile to the organization’s policy. that you seek to work with. It is possible to answer that you measure your success by the extent of your ability to accomplish the short and long-term goals and tasks that were assigned to you.

6- Describe a job situation/problem and explain how you managed to deal with it
Be professional and do not brag when answering this question, and avoid exaggeration in praising and glorifying your role in this situation, because your interlocutor can notice this. Although there is no standard answer to this question, you can approach it in a careful way. Such questions want to judge how you will act in the future if you encounter a problem, and base this judgment on your past experiences. Start with a clear explanation of the situation and the timing of its occurrence, then tell them your role In it (the solutions you provided to address the problem). Make sure that your answer is positive and easy to understand.

7- How do you deal with stress and job tension?
You have to really be able to handle pressure and stress to be able to answer this question. Also, you cannot simply tell them how you find the pressure terrible because it has become part of most jobs and one should expect that he will face many situations full of stress and tension during his career path. Instead of this, give them a positive response and tell them that you face it with a lot of determination To finish your task, you can even answer that pressures push you to work better, as the more challenges you have, the more efficiency you show in performing your work. However, the answer differs from one person to another. You can also answer directly, such as “I practice dealing with with stressors” or “I deal with stress by sitting alone for a while and analyzing the issue in my head.”

8- What are your strongest strengths?
This is another easy question that is frequently asked during interviews. You should talk about your qualities that will help you secure the job you are applying for. You should not get distracted and keep talking about your strengths that are related in one way or another to the requirements of the job. It is preferable not to talk about how strong you are as an artist when You are applying for a job in sales or marketing. However, one should not be too bravado when talking about his/her strengths. If you are going to talk about a particular strength, it is best to have some examples to back up your words.

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